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November 11

Water – Mark Langham brings German Enlightenment to Sydney (Theatre Review)

Water New Blood Theatre and Where’s Harold Productions. Find out more here. (At the publishing of this review, this production has finished.) In his director’s notes, Mark Langham describes an inability to forget Carl Hans Lody (Stephen Lloyd-Coombs) after reading about him. To underscore this, he cites the key incident Lody facing a firing squad […]

June 11

Smudge – Disability and Trauma as a crises of language. (Theatre Review)

Smudge The Kings Fools and Bakehouse Theatre Company Kings Cross theatre, May 27 – June 11 (You can grab your tickets here) Images Liam O’Keefe The crises of disability, as immediately obvious in the four opening words of this sentence, is one of language. According to his 2004 paper Trauma without Disability, Disability without Trauma: […]

November 08

Amadeus – Genesian Theatre, Envy, Jealousy and Disbelief. (Theatre review)

Amadeus Genesian Theatre October 25 to November 29 2014 – You can grab your tickets here. Is there any greater mental curse than living with the juxtaposition of reaching for a genius you know alludes you and competing against an Other who reaches that genius with ease? The thing most creators who harbour a desire […]