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August 23

Moby Dick – The changing face of the White Whale. (Theatre Review)

Moby Dick Sport for Jove Seymour Centre 9 – 25 August You can grab your tickets here. Images: Marnya Rothe The beauty in Sport for Jove’s Moby Dick lies in a certain progression from Herman Melville, through Orson Welles and finally to arrive at Adam Cook directing on an Australian stage in 2018. While so many […]

October 15

No End of Blame – Howard Barker’s delightful accusations against all of us. (Theatre Review)

No End of Blame Sport For Jove, Seymour Cntre 12 – 28 October, You can buy your tickets here. Images: Kate Williams. The central question Howard Barker and his protagonist struggle with in No End of Blame boils down to what art is and what is its role in our life. For Nietzsche (and most […]

July 12

Of Mice and Men – Sport for Jove bring an almost perfect producton to life (Theatre Review)

Of Mice and Men Seymour Centre, Reginald theatre 9 – 25 July You can grab your tickets here. It is a testament to the great writer, John Steinbeck that Of Mice and Men can be told so often, can still move so powerfully and can retain its precarious balance refusing to fall helplessly into melodrama […]