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November 25

Belle of the Cross – Poetry in the dust and dirt of the Kings Cross homeless. (Theatre review)

Belle of the Cross The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November. You can grab tickets here. “The Lorikeets look down on us”, says Belle. “But down here are the seagulls, the pigeons and the ibis…” the streets that Belle calls her home are not for the beautiful birds who live in the high city […]

November 25

The Les Robinson Stroy – The bohemian life on Sydney’s shores. (Theatre review)

The Les Robinson Story The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November 2014 You can grab tickets here. There’s no getting around it, we need our Bohemians. The bourgeoisie need them to feed their bereft imaginations, bankers and financiers need them to hate, the tourists need them to visit, politicians need them to ignore, the […]

November 25

Interview with Martin Portus – The Les Robinson Story (Theatre Interview)

The Les Robinson Story Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November You can grab tickets here The Les Robinson Story is a monologue by Kieran Carroll about one of Australia’s forgotten literary greats – a problem many people ahead of their time experience in their day, but is ususually followed by a posthumous discovery when […]

November 25

Interview with Gertrude Ingeborg – Belle of the Cross (Theatre Interview)

Belle Of The Cross Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November. You can grab tickets here. Currently playing at The Old Fitzroy Theatre is Angelika Fremd’s monologue Belle of the Cross, performed by Gertrude Ingeborg and directed by David Ritchie. Belle of the Cross is a beautifully poetic homage to people Fremd has seen and […]

November 24

A sad farewell to SITCO and the end of an era at the Old Fitz Theatre. (Article)

They say all good things must come to an end, and while this is nearly always true, very rarely do things come to as abrupt an end as the one forced on the successful Sydney Independent Theatre Company, the enormously experienced talent of Julie Baz and David Jeffrey. It heralds the end of a fantastic […]

October 28

Lisa Chat’s with Alex Broun, writer of November Spawned a Monster. (Theatre Interview)

November Spawned a Monster Old Fitzroy Theatre 28 October through to 15 November – You can grab your tickets here Mickey’s is an iconic Sydney institution these days, the kind of address you can invite someone to by saying “lets meet at that red cafe on Oxford Street!” It’s been there forever, and for a […]

July 03

The Mercy Seat – Who are we when the world falls apart? (Theatre Review)

The Mercy Seat Gentle Banana People in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company Neil LaButes The Mercy Seat opens with a man sitting alone on a couch holding a ringing mobile phone. The apartment setting is shrouded in dust. Soon a woman enters, she takes the ringing phone from his hands and places it on […]

May 19

Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) – David Jeffery uses social awkwardness to get closer. (Theatre review)

Thom Pain (based on nothing). Sydney Independent Theatre Company Old Fitzroy Theatre Sitting in the dark, waiting for something to appear or happen on the stage, is a phenomena (not peculiar to theatre) that both unites and separates us. It is something we do together and yet it emphasises our aloneness as we collectively ‘wait’ […]