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June 25

No Exit – Celine Oudin and John Paul Sartre and the problem of the gaze. (theatre review)

“To forget about the others? How utterly absurd! I feel you there, down to my marrow.  Your silence clamors in my ears.  You can nail up your mouth, cut your tongue out – but you can’t prevent your being there.  Can you stop your thoughts? I hear them ticking away like a clock, tick-tock, tick-tock, […]

I think I need to start smoking: or how to be an artist without a Gauloises hanging from your mouth.

I was rather disturbed to find out recently that some folk I admire are giving up smoking. I was startled to say the least. No matter what anyone says, smoking remains the hallmark of cool. It’s as synonymous with art as booze, and as chic as any Euro fantasy. Besides my obvious initial concerns (the loss of […]

Why I love Miller and hate Hemingway, or how I pick and choose my misogynists.

Ok, so I can feminist it up with the best of them. I’ve been down most of the paths: Intellectual antidisestablishmentarianism media whore with Germaine Greer; ultra pissed-off-ed-ness with Susan Brown-Miller and Alanis Morissette (ok, I may never have been THAT shitty); chemistry studies with Mary Daly to try to develop synthetic sperm; Übermensch intelligent […]