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June 24

The Unlikely Maestro – Australian’s win the 2013 Tropfest in New York Competition

Have a look at this lovely film. Tristan Klein and Nick Baker are $20,000 richer today and are looking forward to a “week of meetings’ with notable executives and producers in Los Angeles, courtesy of the Motion Picture Association” – which is part of the prize. In front of a New York audience of more […]

Short Film – Homecoming. (C’me on! We’ve ALL been there)

I have nothing to add.  This short film says it all. Ben Thatcher is my brother. You can see more of his short films and / or listen to his latest music here.

Francois Ozon: Film as art, art as film.

“I think cinema has to deal with desire. In the cinema, you are with a big screen, it is dark, and you watch some images, like a fantasy, so I think it is important for you to feel desire for what you see.” So, I did write in my post Top ten films blog-a-thon, that […]