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February 20

Short and Sweet Week 6 and Wildcards Week 7. (Theatre Review)

¬†Short and Sweet The Factory Theatre, Marrickville Through to end of March – You can buy your tickets here. Photo credits: Sylvi Soe The Factory Theatre in Marrickville is buzzing at the moment with the final two weeks of the annual Short and Sweet theatre competition. I’m lucky enough to be a part of it […]

February 17

Short and Sweet Week 7, where I put it all out there and direct. (Article)

Feather Short and Sweet Wildcards Week 7 Saturday 21 at 2.30pm, Sunday 22 at noon and Monday 23 at 7.30pm. The Fuse Box, The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. You can grab your tickets here. There are lots of interesting festivals happening in Sydney at the moment, but I have to confess my love is with Short […]

January 17

Short and Sweet Top 80 – The Festival kicks off on a high. (Theatre Review)

  The Short and Sweet Theatre Festival Sydney stages, Jan 7 to march 15. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Sylvi Soe. One has to be patient and generous with large-scale festivals forging their own imprint on a culture. Often it takes a few years for a festival to find its footing, but […]

April 14

V.D. – Pete Malicki and the monologue that just keeps getting better. (Theatre Review)

V.D. The Monologue Project May 7,9 and 10. You can buy tickets here.¬† He takes my hand, walks me to the car, even opening the car door for me. The date passes in a blur of nerves and I quick;y get the impression that Dan Hunsford has no intention of killing, raping, scamming or religiously […]

February 01

Legend! Slips Cordon: A Safe Pair of Hands – history re-written by the cheeful rabble. (Theatre review)

Legend! ‘Slips’ Cordon – A safe pair of hands The Old Fitzroy Theatre Decorum in association with The Sydney Independent Theatre Company Season from 28 Jan – 15 Feb “(Australian) Citizens know that some among them will have more power and money than others… But according to the unspoken national ethos, no Australian is permitted […]

November 08

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual – Pete Malicki and the power of one. (Theatre Review)

The survival of theatre in the digital age is an ongoing conversation; lows pitted are against highs, optimism against pessimism and of course the eternal conversation about the dollar. Theatre is at home among other arts in its awkward swim for survival, with books, music, art and even film finding itself battling the oceans of […]

January 06

Short and Sweet – a little bit of this and a little bit of that in ten minutes. (Theatre)

Well, hot on the heels of The Now Now music festival, I’ll be heading off to The Short and Sweet theatre festival. Short+Sweet began life in Newtown (Sydney, and my home base) has expanded nationally to Melbourne, the Central Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville and Rockhampton; as well as internationally to Auckland, Malaysia, Singapore, […]