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December 21

2013: A Magic year in Film – Films that were duds, dodgy or just bored the hell out of me.

2013 is already being touted as a magical year for film, and I agree with that.  The Sydney Film Festival hops on the back of Cannes and Sundance and so this city often see the years best films in that tremendous tw0-and-a-half week marathon, a just compensation for the appalling difference in release dates we […]

September 11

Salinger – Shane Salerno reveals himself to be the great Holden-Caufield-Wannabe. (Film Review)

Below is Will Smiths great monologue about The Catcher in the Rye from the film Six Degrees of Separation. Its one of my favourite cinema moments and well worth the watch if you have 5 minutes. I haven’t read “The Catcher” for years although I fairly regularly read Nine Stories.  Because of this, I thought […]