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December 04

Primer – Shane Carruth and the art of deception. (Film Review)

So it might seem possible, that as we advance in science and technology, we might be able to construct a wormhole, or warp space and time in some other way, so as to be able to travel into our past. If this were the case, it would raise a whole host of questions and problems. […]

June 15

Upstream Color – Shane Carruth asks who are we when “it” takes over? (Sydney FF Film Review)

Upstream Color is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can get your tickets here. I haven’t seen Shane Carruth’s Primer as yet, but its high on my must see list after watching Upstream Color. This is a film right up my alley – challenging, complex, obtuse and arty. Carruth is a fiercely intelligent […]