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June 09

Stoker – Park Chan-Wook and his ode to Hitchcock. (Sydney FF Film Review)

Stoker is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. Shadow of a Doubt is one of Hitchcock masterpieces around the theme of the double. Made in 1943, it’s fitting to have a tribute to this mighty film seventy years later by a brilliant director whose viewing of Vertigo in his youth became the launching point […]

Shadow of a Doubt – Hitchcock offers us a little Freud.

Shadow of a doubt is an early Hitchcock  piece of masterful film making (1943) primarily around the theme of doubles, or twos, a theme Hitchcock would re visit many times over in future films. In this film no one is singular, everyone comes in a pair. Two detectives, sisters and brothers  husbands and wives, uncles and nieces, two […]