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March 06

The trouble with Harry – Competing narratives tousle for the right to control perspective. (Theatre Review)

The Trouble with Harry At the time of the publication of this piece, The Trouble With Harry has ceased its season at the Seymour Centre. Follow updates on any future performances here. If Pier Paolo Pasolini claimed that what is proper to cinema is the authorisation to construct a language of reality with the means […]

July 12

Of Mice and Men – Sport for Jove bring an almost perfect producton to life (Theatre Review)

Of Mice and Men Seymour Centre, Reginald theatre 9 – 25 July You can grab your tickets here. It is a testament to the great writer, John Steinbeck that Of Mice and Men can be told so often, can still move so powerfully and can retain its precarious balance refusing to fall helplessly into melodrama […]

March 27

A little night music – Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble and the very beautiful. (Theatre Review)

A Little Night Music MUSE (Sydney University theatre Ensemble) Seymour Centre from 25 – 28 March You can grab tickets here Despite its complexity and the multifarious delicate nuances, A Little Night Music has become a bit of a favourite for young musical ensembles to cut their teeth on, almost acting as a rite of […]

December 11

The Legend of King O’Malley – An Australian classic given new breath by Don’t Look Away. (Theatre Review)

The Legend of King O’Malley Seymour Centre 26 November – 13 December You can grab your tickets here. Bob Ellis is one of Australia’s best male political writers, recent problematic books not withstanding. He’s been regaling us with tales of his position of privilege and access for decades, and I confess to many hours of great […]

November 19

The Worst Kept Secrets – Thomas De Angelis and privilege. (Theatre review)

The Worst Kept Secrets Bontom Productions Currently showing at the Seymour Centre, 18 Nov through to 22. You can grab your tickets here. Think privileged ex State Premier involved in a mid-life crises with a heavily satirised dose of William’s Cat On a Hot Tin Roof plastered over the top and you have the bones of […]

February 19

The Dead Ones – Margie Fischer and the power of memory. (Theatre Review)

The Dead Ones February 18-22 Seymour Centre. Buy Tickets here. What happens to us when we die? Philosophy has always been concerned with what happens to us when we die, only because it is the single most important factor of life. Death is the thing we have in common with animals, plants and each other. It dominates […]

October 02

Singled Out – Augusta Supple and the ecstasy of alone. (Theatre Review)

The question of living alone is a very modern one.  Not that people haven’t lived alone before, but this is the first time in recorded history that human creatures, on mass are choosing to live alone. In Paris, more than half the households contain single people, and in Stockholm this figure rises to sixty percent. […]

September 30

Keira Daley V’s The 90’s – Keira Daley in a gangsta paradise. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

I seem to have my timing completely off when it comes to attending Keira Daley’s wonderful cabaret shows – feeling like the nerd she waxes so lyrically about, I managed to catch the absolute final performance of LadyNerd a couple of weeks back, and then when I saw her great follow up show, Keira Daley […]

September 15

Lady Nerd – Keira Daley and female nerds through time. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

The enormously talented Keira Daley and her super-support dude Mark Chamberlain have a new show at the Sydney Fringe this week called Keira Daley v’s the 90’s which promises to be as witty as her Lady Nerd show.  I’m reviewing it later this week, but by way of warm up for this show, in a […]

April 09

Trapped in Mykonos – Gravas Productions start with a Greek bang. (theatre review)

In 406 BC Agamemnon is planning to set sail for Troy to redeem the bride of his brother Menelaus, from the arms of Paris, prince of Troy.  He is stalled at the beach, his men are itchy with blood lust, and he is forced to make a decision about sacrificing his family for the glory […]