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January 24

Zero Dark Thirty – Katherine Bigelow takes out Osama bin Laden. (Film Review)

A film maker as talented as Katherine Bigelow is absolutely aware that when you weave a fiction in film you work from point of view, and to give the role of torturer to the hero in the film with whom we don’t just sympathize, but either want to “be” or “fuck” is going to cause […]

January 10

Land of Plenty – Wim Wenders as a friend of America (film review)

It probably wasn’t the best place to begin my march through Wim Wender’s, but DVD rental doesn’t always let me choose the films – sometimes they choose me. Land of Plenty carries many of the trade mark Wender’s moments, particularly his ability to make everyday landscapes seems so beautiful. But this was an odd film for me – a little too preachy and […]