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May 05

Joseph K – Secret House repurpose The Trial for a modern take. (Theatre Review)

Joseph K Secret House with Limelight on Oxford 1-18 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley Currently, it is presumed, Kafka’s work exists outside of any attempt to impose meaning despite his works being remarkably suggestive texts. Not quite symbolic, not quite surreal, not quite absurd, his writings are the sort that […]

March 10

Tidy Town of the Year – 3 Quacks ask what really makes a town ugly? (Theatre review)

Tidy Town Of The Year 3 Quacks in association with the Sydney Independent Theatre Company Old Fitzroy Theatre 4-22 March – Tickets here. The Tidy Town of the Year competition is a Victorian initiative designed to give rural communities an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of their town in line with the overall Keep Australia […]

November 15

Apples and Pears – Sean O’Riordan and the soul of friendship. (Theatre Review)

Rhyming slang is said to have originated in the 1840’s in London’s east end, possibly as a deliberate rouse for criminals to converse without fear of detection by the law. It’s an obscuree form of communication, noun based, that has come to represent its location more than its era, and retained its value for all […]