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June 24

Straight – Bromance as a path to orientation exploration. (Theatre review)

Straight Brilliant Adventures in conjunction with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross hotel theatre June 16 – July 2 You can grab your tickets here. One of the great joys of theatre is the immediacy of the ephemeral. Theatre is a transitory notion, an event at which the audience is never passive. We see films we […]

November 30

Debris – Great and challenging fare late nights at the Old Fitz. (Theatre Review)

Debris Old Fitz Theatre At the time of publishing this review, the very short run for Debris is over. You can find out more about the production and if there will be repeat performances here. Fabrication, alienation, obsession and guilt are the primary feelings through which Denis Kelly feels we engage with the world around […]

July 07

Men – Brendan Cowell and the problems of a man’s man. (Theatre Review)

Men Old Fitz Theatre 30 June to 25 July You can grab your tickets here. Men is by far the stand out production in the successful first year of the new management at The Old Fitz theatre. A play that made its debut treading the same boards fifteen years ago, time has been good to […]

October 22

Howie The Rookie – Toby Schmitz makes a silk purse from a sow’s ear. (Theatre Review)

Howie The Rookie Red Line Productions and Strange Duck Productions Old Fitzroy Theatre 30 September to 25 October. You can buy your tickets here. In his book ‘Theatre,’ David Mamet, unsurprisingly argues the case against the engaged theatre director, claiming that the biggest contribution they could possibly make is to get out of the way […]