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January 03

50 Years ago Today: Marnie – Hitchcock’s unrecognised masterpiece. (Film Review)

Robbed! Not just poorly criticised in its time, but reviled and even hated, Marnie, situated just after Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Birds is something of a sleeper masterwork by the brilliant director that may still be revealing it’s multilayered brilliance fifty years on. ┬áIn fact Marnie is so intelligent, so complex, so laced with conflicting […]

November 30

Skyfall – how to do Bond for over 50 years (film review)

So what is it about James Bond? It’s difficult to ignore the stats. We’ve been in love with this misogynistic ‘blunt instrument’ for fifty years now. That beats any spotty teen wizard or teen vampire, any re-birthing of a Bourne, and any Batman, Superman, Spiderman style film and remake you can name. As if it’s […]