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June 06

Blackfish – Gabriela Cowperthwaite with a “just the facts” look at the dark side of SeaWolrd. (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

Blackfish is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can get tickets here. Gabriela Cowperthwaite is not a film maker activist. She was driven to make Blackfish after the death in 2010 of highly skilled trainer Dawn Brancheau who was killed by the orca Tilikum after one of the shows at Sea World. What […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 4. Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien. (pt Three)

This is a post based on Slavoj Zizek’s little booklet How to read Lacan. For the previous post to this one, go here. For the first in the series, go here. Zizek goes on to cite some beautiful passages of Shakespeare to describe what he means here by Lacan’s “real”.  He also cites an example from […]

The Knowledge – Pantsguys and John Donnelly reveal a tougher side of life.

John Donnelly has worked in various primary and secondary schools across London, Essex and Kent, including programmes aimed at curriculum development, Irish and Romany Travellers, enterprise, literacy, sex education, addictions, student voice.  In an interview for The Guardian, he says: “I’ve mostly worked in schools in Kent and Essex, where there has been a huge […]

Marshall McLuhan – The Medium is the Me(a)ssage: Art is anything you can get away with

I wouldn’t be seen dead with a living work of art. According to Marshall McLuhan any anxiety experienced with the complexities of ‘being’ is mostly related to the redundancy of the outdated mental and psychological abilities we are using to make sense of the world.  In many ways, certain philosophers and most artists (worth their […]