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January 16

12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen assuages white guilt. (Film Review)

When the Howard Government won a mandate in this country in 2004, part of which stood on the shoulders of their unprecedented poor treatment of asylum seekers that included incarceration and bald-faced lies about these people trying to drown their children in order to curry favour with the Australian public, compensation was made for leading […]

December 15

20 years ago today: Schindlers List – Spielberg gets emotionally serious. (Film Review)

If there is a single word to describe Schindler’s List it would have to be ‘thorny” given the already always revolving conversations about Steven Spielberg and the complex subject of the ‘Holocaust’. Can I get personal? ¬†How does a white Anglo female with a rejected christian upbringing who claims to have a love of avant […]