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March 07

Waiting for Godot – Riverside Lyric Ensemble take on life’s great challenges. (Theatre Review)

Waiting for Godot Riverside Lyric Ensemble Tickets available here. Photo Credits to Petros Ktenas It is a brave company that takes on Samuel Beckett’s theatre changing play, directing, performing and producing Waiting for Godot is one of theatre’s greatest challenges for many reasons, one of which is the nuances that exist despite their remarkable ability […]

August 11

The Light Box – Natalia Savvides and James Dalton balance us on the thin line between the real and the unreal. (theatre review)

A complex relationship exists between the real and the imagined that has been the fascination of artists and philosophers since humans began to organize thinking. This relationship is complicated primarily because of the difference between the two, the intensity of the two and the difficulty to discern which is which. It is this idea, through […]

The Sound of speaking Samuel Beckett – Happy Birthday

Rule Number One Take note one from pocket one and suck it! (take a listen to the above link) Beckett and love Beckett never reduces love to the amalgam of sentimentality and sexuality endorsed by common opinion. Love as a matter of truth (and not of opinion) depends upon a pure event:  an encounter whose […]

Film – Samuel Beckett takes to the flicks.

I watched a wonderful short film tonight. A man is running through the streets.  he is spotted by a couple and recoils at the sight of them, running on past. The couple are shocked to see him. he runs on, till finally he reaches the door of a room. At the door he takes his […]

Woman of the Dunes: Existentialism at its disturbing best.

Something unnameable goes on between Hiroshi Teshigahara and Kōbō Abe. They produce the most remarkable films together. Of course, they are both extraordinary artists in their own right – perhaps it is the multiple disciplines that works in favour of their collaboration. Perhaps it is Abe’s sublime writing. Maybe it is Teshigahara’s sculpting that gives him such command over the […]

More than Interesting: The Tumours of Matthew Revert.

  In the film ‘We Need to talk about Kevin’ a debate rages (following on from the book) about the nature of Kevin’s psychopathy and his relationship to his mother. Kevin is bad. His mother struggles with his ‘bad-ness’. I‘ve heard this book (and now film) described as the lamentations of the middle class housewife. […]