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The Lighthouse – Alison Moore feels her way in the dark by scent. (Booker Prize Short List)

“Do you know,” said his mother, “How much you bore me?” There was a pause and then his father quietly packed away the picnic. Snapping shut the cool-box lid, he stood and looked at his wife. Futh watched the gulls fighting over the remains of their lunch, and then he looked down at his hand […]

Broken Things by Padrika Tarrant – Stories that will never leave you.

Until today, I always pushed a pram, just in case I find a baby.  People lose them all the time, don’t they, so the chances are some day I’ll get lucky and pick one up. I’m kind and ever so patient. A baby wouldn’t be badly of with me, I don’t think. I save stuff, keep safe what nobody else […]