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November 19

777 – Ryu Hankil and Bryan Eubanks are the confessional outsider. (Music review)

  I have had a wonderful time working my way through the Cathnor recordings.  Richard Pinell has just about as fine an ear as anyone interested in this sort of music, and what he’s put together in his catalogue are starting to hold many of my favourite recordings – recordings I return to time and […]

Sannakji – Roberto Mallo, Miguel Prado, Ryu Hankil: subject subverted to sound.

In the lovely notes to this amazing cd on the TMTG website the following is related: In his first days in spain we recorded with Ryu two improvised pieces. His sounds of mechanical bumps were well known to us, but he did not know our way of working. Taking advantage of these circumstances, and being […]

Ryu Hankil – Description for Other things

다른 것을 위한 서술법 Description for Other Things from Orolo CHE on Vimeo. I blogged recently about Ryu Hankil and his beautiful series of four, but to this date three complete, Typewriter music discs. At the time, I had only heard sections of Hankil’s work.  I have, since then been fortunate enough to hear the rest […]

Ryu Hankil – The Sound of one hand Typing

Ryu Hankil’s solo improvisation at Echoraum from Balloon & Needle on Vimeo. I attended a seminar on Kafka and Philosophy on Thursday (which I will write more about in posts this week) which culminated in an amazing hour-long lecture by Henry Sussman, Visiting Professor of Germanic Languages from Yale university.  I found the day enormously stimulating, but […]