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June 27

This is not Mills and Boon – 505 Theatre’s Fresh Works (Theatre Review)

This is Not Mills And Boon Old 505 Theatre 23-28 June You can grab your tickets here. Sometimes its difficult to know if we talk about sex all the time or not at all. After all, what is sex? It has been broken down and defined by science, psychology, psychoanalysis, art, pornography, politics, law, advertising, […]

Szinbad – beauty in the profoundly ugly from Zoltan Huzarik

I watched an amazing film today.   Amazing because it was a combination of the most beautiful cinematography I’ve ever seen – so exquisite it brough tears to my eyes with its beauty – and the dullest character I have ever seen.  I swear, if this man had sat and stared at a wall for 2 hours, […]