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August 27

Mum, Me and the IED – Theatre represents simulation. (Theatre Review)

  Mum, Me and the IED Collaborations Theatre Group with The Depot Theatre From 15 August – 1 September. You can grab your tickets here. Images: James Balian In ‘On Exactitude in Science,’ Jorge Luis Borges writes a one-paragraph short story about an empire where the science of cartography becomes so exact that only a […]

August 01

Mum, Me and the IED – Lisa chats with James Balian and Roger Vickery. (Theatre Interview)

Mum, Me and the IED is showing at The Depot Theatre August 15 – September 1. You can grab your tickets here. The Depot Theatre has played host to some of the best emerging theatre of the last few years, so much so that it has established itself as a haven for independent productions seeking a space […]

August 09

A Nest Of Skunks – Lisa chats with Roger Vickery with support from James Balian (Theatre Interview)

A Nest Of Skunks is one of the surprise powerhouse contributions to the 2016 theatre calendar. An close examination of the way we relate to our immigrants, both legal and illegal, with a clever plot twist that facilitates the journey toward a deeper understanding of how it might be to live as a person forced […]