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The Trial of Joan of Arc: Bresson answers Dreyer with sound

The Trial of Joan of Arc by Robert Bresson tells the story of Joan of Arc during the final period of her captivity and her execution in 1430.  As with all Breasson films, there is no back story to the lives of the characters, but in this case, one is not necessary. This story is […]

Film review: Pickpocket. Robert Bresson

This understated rich film, a study in the existential crises of non existence, is based on another great existential text, Dostoyevsky’s crime and punishment. This particular review contains spoilers, because it is assumed most reading up on the film have watched it, but please see the film before reading through if you are not familiar […]

Mouchette: The Muses never talk to each other, but sometimes they dance.

“For me the order and position of characters and the framing of the shot are the essence of cinema. They’re much more important than simple dramatic action which is only revealed through the form the shot takes. In cinema what matters is the form, and this must be given priority.”  Robert Bresson And so Mouchette begins with […]