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Ryu Hankil – Description for Other things

다른 것을 위한 서술법 Description for Other Things from Orolo CHE on Vimeo. I blogged recently about Ryu Hankil and his beautiful series of four, but to this date three complete, Typewriter music discs. At the time, I had only heard sections of Hankil’s work.  I have, since then been fortunate enough to hear the rest […]

Rhodri Davies | Dominic Lash – Delicate Double Bass, Harp and Wind

  Rhodri Davies – Five Knots Compost and Heist Split Series 007 Available for download. Rhodri Davies makes the sounds on this beautiful recording by placing an electric harp in two positions on the stone pier at Aberystwyth, his home town on the west coast of Wales.  The recording is called Five Knots, which makes sense when you realise […]

Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: E.E. Tension and Circumstance – A concert I wish I hadn’t missed.

` I’m new to the world of Keith Rowe and John Tilbury, so my initial connection to them both was to listen to excerpts of this album (I don’t have the album yet) from the Dusted review (written by Bill Meyer) and the review by Richard Pinnell on his (incredibly excellent) blog The Watchful Ear about the […]