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November 16

Asylum – A built house closed off to the other, to others. (Theatre review)

Asylum Brave New Word Theatre Company 15 November – 25 November You can grab your tickets here. Images: David Hooley When Craig (David Woodland) interviews Hajir (Eli Saad) to ascertain his asylum status, he adheres to a series of stick rules that are carefully developed value judgements already stuck in the norms of platonic truth. […]

November 05

Asylum: Lisa chats with Richard Hilliar (Theatre Interview)

  Asylum is on at Comber Street Studios, Paddington 15-25 November. You can grab your tickets here. It is no small thing to tackle local works, but it must be even more difficult in Australia, where (in my opinon) our cultural cringe still haunts us and nothing is sacred unless first blessed by London or New York. […]

April 23

Orphans – Should I stay or should I go. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Old Fitz Theatre, Late Show 19-30 April. You can grab your tickets here. When Liam (Liam Nunan) bursts in on Helen (Jacki Mison) and Danny (Christopher Morris) having their quiet celebratory dinner to welcome the news of Helen’s pregnancy, he causes a confrontation, not with our own cultural values and the imminent threat of […]

February 18

Year of the Family – Embrace the darkness of familial love. (Theatre Review)

Year of the Family Tooth and Sinew at the Kings Cross Theatre from 10 – 20 February You can grab your tickets here 1994 was declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be The International Year of The Family. As if Freud had planned it himself, the declaration posed immediate threats to liberal sensibilities: […]

July 14

The Ishmael Club – Arts funding and the question of excellence. (Theatre Review)

The Ishmael Club The Old Fitz theatre from July 7 to 18 You can grab your tickets here Can I just say first up, how wonderfully appealing it was to see an Australian play that had an equal number of female performers to males? I get tired of bleating on about it as I write […]

June 27

This is not Mills and Boon – 505 Theatre’s Fresh Works (Theatre Review)

This is Not Mills And Boon Old 505 Theatre 23-28 June You can grab your tickets here. Sometimes its difficult to know if we talk about sex all the time or not at all. After all, what is sex? It has been broken down and defined by science, psychology, psychoanalysis, art, pornography, politics, law, advertising, […]

April 22

Haircuts – Mediterranean warmth and sultry Sydney nights. (Theatre Review)

Haircuts The Greek Theatre April 15 to 26. You can grab your tickets here. Choosing to work within the many facets of our multicultural community, Con Nats has framed Haircuts around multiple narratives that serve to remind us how similar we all are under our various cultural differences. Haircuts is currently on at the really […]

July 23

Phaedra – Erotic abandonment and cool crisp Sydney nights. (Theatre review)

Phaedra Tap Gallery July 17 – 26. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Sascha Cohen There is a special thing that happens in theatre, a strange discombobulation where the audience is always confronted by the transgressive pairing of “The Real” and “The Not Real.” If a director and performers decide to take advantage […]

May 20

Scenes from an Execution – Tooth and Sinew belt us with a rich serve of Howard Barker. (Theatre Review)

Scenes From an Execution Tooth and Sinew in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company The Old Fitzroy Theatre 13 – 31 May Buy Your Tickets Here.    “I wish I were not sensual… I wish I had not got from my mother, or my father was it, this need to grasp and be grasped, because […]

December 02

King Lear – The Independent Theatre Company and a thriving Sydney Shakespeare Festival. (Theatre Review)

King Lear is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, and this is partly due to the ambiguity of its moralising, as well as its starkly contemporary themes. Who can’t relate to a tired ruling father going a little “odd” in his old age, sibling rivalry over a fortune, or acting out of ego rather than rational common […]