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April 07

The Fountain – Darren Aronofsky pushes the buttons. (Film Review)

The Fountain is Aronofsky’s most challenging film to write about, and stands alone as a unique work in his oeuvre, until Noah that is, with which there are some strong similarities. All the hyperbole we’ve come to expect are there, the use of imagery to subvert narrative, the strongest points being the most subtle, images […]

April 03

Requiem for a Dream – Aronofsky refuses categorical analysis by offering everything. (Film review)

If  π was a little maddening, then Requiem for a Dream is a total mind F*&K when it comes to the overhanded frustrating emphasis Aronofsky will place on his not so subtle message. At its surface, the message of Requiem for a Dream is don’t do drugs, and there is absolutely no chance in the world […]