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September 16

The Testament of Mary – Colm Tóibín and the reimagining of our culture. (Book Review)

They think I do not understand what is slowly growing in the world; they think I do not see the point of their questions and do not notice the cruel shadow that comes hooded in their faces or hidden in their voices when I say something pointless or foolish, something which leads us no where.  […]

The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died – Ildiko Susany explores what’s left when nothings left.(Sydney Fringe Festival)

Can you hear that silence?  It frightens me.  I can hear the death of the stars. And so opens the enormously ambitious first work by play write Ildiko Susany, an extremely talented young woman from Brisbane in Sydney with her play for the Sydney Fringe Festival. It is on at the charming and cozy King Street […]

Cafe de Flore – Music, ritual, religion and life.

It’s a very brave move to make a spiritualist film in this day and age – particularly one that is well made and treated with great respect. This isn’t some new-agey guff like The Tree of Life, this is an approach at that hard-core naked spirituality.  You know, Christianity and reincarnation. While the tree of […]