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May 19

Cypress Avenue – stare into the face of fear. (Theatre Review)

Cypress Avenue Empress Theatre and Red Line Productions May 15 to June 8. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Yure Covich For Eric (Roy Barker) writer David Ireland’s protagonist in Cypress Avenue the imaginary relations governing fantasy. Wish, conflict and defense in his confrontation with the Other creates a system inside where ‘knowing’ becomes […]

February 10

The Wolves – The Power of The Now over meaningful memory. (Theatre Review)

The Wolves Belvoir with Red Line Productions 2 February – 3 March You can grab your tickets here. Images: Brett Boardman Sarah DeLappe’s extraordinary play The Wolves follows the Victorian Bildungsroman tropes with an essential and important difference. The Wolves gives us an opportunity to see a female realism at play over the top of the […]

May 07

The Effect – Love and drugs at The Old Fitz (Theatre Review)

The Effect Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre from April 18 to 19 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images: John Marmaras Of all the philosophical and scientific efforts (including points of difference and outright refutation between the two bodies of knowledge) we humans have labored over, none remains as elusive as the question […]

March 16

The Wolves – Lisa chats with Jessica Arthur (Theatre Interview)

    The Wolves is currently showing at The Old Fitz theatre in Darlinghurst. You can grab your tickets here. The photograph of Brandi Chastain celebrating her penalty conversion in 1999 that sealed the Women’s World Cup for the United States over China was voted the second most iconic cover image of Sports Illustrated. Not […]

February 12

Metamorphosis – The sensual drama of the Epic. (Theatre Review)

Metamorphosis Red Line Productions and Apocalypse Theatre Company 8 February to 10 March You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robet Catto In Dino Dimitriades interpretation of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphosis, we see incarnate Ovid’s strategies of keeping the witness (in his case The Reader, in the case of Zimmerman and Dimitriades The Audience) at once […]

October 22

A View from the Bridge – Iain Sinclair and the justification for Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

A View from the Bridge Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre – 18 October -25 November You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Supplied by Red Line Productions A real question exists for the serious theatre-goer as to what is happening when we see repeated texts. As a great writer friend of mine suggested […]

September 06

The Squeal in the Pen – Benedict Hardie and the agony of influence. (Theatre Review)

The Squeal in the Pen New Fitz Play #7 2017 The Old Fitz theatre, 29 August – 9 September You can grab your tickets here.  The idea of the New Fitz Program 2017 is to have playwrights respond to productions on the mainstage. This interesting idea runs the risk of tapping into the Australian cultural […]

July 04

Low Level Panic – Lisa chats with Justin Martin (Theatre interview)

Low Level Panic at The Old Fitz Theatre is one of the most anticipated indie theatre events of 2016. Its presented by Thread Entertainment and Red Line Productions and directed by Justin Martin. Here’s the blurb from the Old Fitz website: Here is a careful examination of the role of pornography in our society and […]

February 16

The Whale – the consumers guide to self destruction. (Theatre Review)

The Whale  Old Fitz Theatre 2 Feb through to 4 March You can grab your tickets here. In a culture obsessed with the rights of the individual at all costs at a micro level and determined to reduce everyone to a statistic that serves the economy at the macro level, it seems one of the […]

January 25

Tender Napalm – Love and pain at first sight. (Theatre Review)

Tender Napalm Brevity Theatre Company and Red Line Productions Late show at The Old Fitz Theatre 19-30 Jan 2016 – You can grab your tickets here.  Contained in the breathy moments of initial desire is the heady inevitability of steady decline, claims Phillip Ridley in his two-hander Tender Napalm. And yet Tender Napalm is no […]