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June 18

Inner Voices – Puppets taking power. (theatre review)

Inner Voices Don’t Look Away and Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 15 June to 9 July ¬†You can grab your tickets here. Images Ross Waldron Louis Nowra, a baby boomer, wrote Inner Voices in a much simpler time. Jimmy Carter had come to power, his first act to pardon all evaders of the Vietnam […]

October 26

Dead Centre/ Sea Wall – Emotional engagement at The Old Fitz. (Theatre Review)

Dead Centre/Sea Wall Red Stich Actors Theatre and Red Line Productions You can grab your tickets here Image credits Jodie Hutchinson First things first – it was wonderful to see such a rich, successful female performance at The Old Fitz. It’s great to see such a thing anywhere, but Red Line Productions were in dire […]

September 05

The Aliens – Outhouse Theatre and the real. (Theatre review)

The Aliens Old Fitz Theatre 25 Aug to 10 Sept You can grab your tickets here Images by Rupert Reid Annie Baker is regularly touted as a “realist”, a title she doesn’t sit well with, and rightly so. In fact it is her depiction of very ordinary artifice, carefully layered phrase by phrase and gesture […]

April 20

Orphans – Magic realism and the hyper-surreal father. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre, 14 April to 9 May – You can grab tickets here. Photos – Rupert Reid One can’t question Orphans pedigree. Though it appears quaintly old-fashioned these days – perhaps even more so to a contemporary 2015 Sydney indie audience who may be more savvy than their American […]