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February 27

Angels in America – Dino Dimitriades and the magnificent decay of American splendid. (Theatre Review)

Angels in America Red Line Productions and Apocalypse Theatre Company February 15 – March 16 You can grab your tickets here. Images, Hero and Production:  Robert Catto (@robertcatto on Instagram & Twitter, @robertcattophotographer on Facebook.) Images documentary: Clare Hawley “A Klee painting named Angelus Novus shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away […]

October 24

Degenerate Art – Art and the power to corrupt. (Theatre Review)

Degenerate Art Red Line Productions 17 October – 4 November 2018, The Old Fitz Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images: John Marmaras It is no secret to history scholars that a war exists inside the accomplishments of modernity characterized mostly by a volatile relationship between high art and mass culture. Writers such as T.S. […]

July 09

Permission to Spin – Jung and the battle for individuation. (Theatre Review)

Permission to Spin The Old Fitz Theatre, 3 July – 28 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto In the Jungian Permission to Spin, Mary Rachael Brown places archetypes of an Ego, Personal unconsciousness and Collective unconsciousness, the three components of Jung’s psyche, in a room to have them battle for the […]

January 16

There Will Be A Climax – Life’s meaningless given meaning. (Theatre Review)

There Will be a Climax The Company with Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre from 3 Jan to 3 Feb. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto A directive by Nietzsche taught us to re-examine cruelty. Almost everything about higher culture, he exhorts us, is somehow based in cruelty. “That which constitutes […]

August 21

4:48 Psychosis – Sarah Kane and the inclusion of everything. (Theatre Review)

4:48 Psychosis Workhorse Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Tyhe Old Fitz Theatre 16 August – 9 September You can grab your tickets here Images: Andre Vasquez   It is already too late to think in terms of separate genres or subgenres of critical discourse necessarily explained and expanded in some clear-cut cultural division of labour […]

July 21

This much is True – Hearkening back to a restricted discourse. (Theatre review)

This Much is True Red line Productions 12 Julyy – 12 August The Old Fitz You can grab your tickets here In world obsessed with the “limitations” of so called political correctness, it is a sophisticated pleasure to toddle along to Louis Nowra’s play This Much IS True for a reminder of how restricted speech […]

July 11

Low Level Panic – Lisa chats with Geraldine Hakewill (Theatre interview)

Low Level Panic at The Old Fitz Theatre is one of the most anticipated indie theatre events of 2016. Its presented by Thread Entertainment and Red Line Productions and directed by Justin Martin. Here’s the blurb from the Old Fitz website: Here is a careful examination of the role of pornography in our society and […]

July 07

Henna Night – Female solidarity defines old rituals. (Theatre Review)

Henna Night Mercury with Red Line Productions. Old Fitz Theatre from 5 – 9 July. You can grab your tickets here. In Turkey, the traditional Henna night wedding ritual celebrated one woman renouncing her family and formally committing to becoming the conduit for the new generation of her betrothed. It was a night of women, […]

June 28

Bicycle – Freedom to choose your suffering. (Theatre review)

Bicycle Lies, Lies and Propoganda Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Late stage, Old Fitz Theatre June 21 – July 2 You can grab your tickets here Photo by Matt Ralph. Set (from Inner Voices) by Anna Gardiner. At the end of the great novel “The Piano Teacher” by Elfrie Jelinek immortalised in a film […]

June 18

Inner Voices – Puppets taking power. (theatre review)

Inner Voices Don’t Look Away and Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 15 June to 9 July  You can grab your tickets here. Images Ross Waldron Louis Nowra, a baby boomer, wrote Inner Voices in a much simpler time. Jimmy Carter had come to power, his first act to pardon all evaders of the Vietnam […]