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May 29

Blood on the cat’s Nsck – Montague Basement and Fassbinder find the real inside ourselves. (Theatre Review)

Blood on the cat’s Neck Montague Basement and Kings Cross Theatre May 22 to June 1 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Zaina Ahmed For Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the broad scale problems we see about us find their nascency in the micro arguments, power plays and petty aggressions we take out upon each other. […]

January 14

Fear of Fear – Fassbinder predicts the medicated society. (Film Review)

One of Fassbinder’s very favorite places to play out madness and violence (besides supermarkets) is the family and suburban dynamic. Fear of Fear is a perfect example of a housewife, who starts to recognize severe anxiety and panic attacks while she is pregnant and perfectly situated within a ‘happy home’. She knows something is wrong, […]

Mother Küsters goes to Heaven – Fassbinder and the the question of what comes after exploitation.

Mother Küsters goes to Heaven (1975) is another of those chilling Fassbinders.  Chilling, not just because of the subject matter, but also because it stars Armin Meier who will kill himself over his love for Fassbinder in three years after this film is made and about whom Fassbinder will make In a Year of Thirteen Moons. Typical of Fassbinder it […]

Love is Colder than Death – Fassbinder starts out with a bang.

The above scene gives a strong indication of the power of Fassbinders full length feature, Love is Colder than Death.  I felt this was a wonderful debut although I have read it got him little love at the time. He was seen as an arrogant upstart – which, lets face it, he probably was – […]

Beware of a holy whore: Fassbinders take on film

I really really enjoyed this film! in researching Fassbinder, I have read that he was heavily influenced by Jean-Luc Godard and I can only assume that to be the case, because Godard is all over this fantastic film – however Fassbinder has the smarts and the eye to take Godard just that little further. In […]

Lili Marleen: Fassbinder’s take on Nazism.

  Rainer Werner Fassbinder is famous for having spun out a large number of films before he died of a heroin overdose at the age of thirty-seven. It’s almost as if he knew he had a deadline date to try to get as much out there as possible. I’ve stocked up on a few Fassbinders […]

In a year with 13 moons – Fassbinder and the desperation of love

“Every seventh year is a moon year. People whose lives are strongly influenced by their emotions suffer more intensely from depression in these years. To a lesser degree this is also true of years with 13 moons. When a moon year also has 13 new moons, inescapable personal tragedies may occur. In the 20th Century […]