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April 19

Jerry And Tom – The character that has character. (Theatre review)

Jerry and Tom Insomniac Theatre The Exchange Hotel, 9 April to 30 April, you can grab tickets here. Photos by GiGee Photography Note: Rick Cleveland has kindly left some great comments below, which greatly contribute to my review and reviewing in general. Please be sure to read them. Rick Cleveland wrote Jerry and Tom in […]

January 06

Life Itself – A broad brushtroke over a fascinating life. (Film Review)

When a man who devoted such a large and important part of his life to examining our relationship to the image, it is no small thing that he allows a documentary to be made that broadly and intimately exhibits his later-in-life deformity as a result of massive thyroid surgery. In fact Life Itself remains quite […]

February 12

Whity – Fassbinder and the dark side of the Western. (film Review)

How interesting to see Whity just two weeks after I saw Django Unchained.  Both Fassbinder and Tarantino pay homage / deconstruct the Western in the two films, while Tarantino goes the Blacksploitation route and Fassbinder goes the gay/subteranean-fucked-up-route.  It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I preferred Whity.  It displays […]

January 15

Django Unchained – Tarantino and the Spaghetti Western (film review)

“Ever with grief and all too long Are men and women born in the world; But yet we shall live our lives together, Sigurth and I. Sink down, Giantess!” Helreið Brynhildar (Broom-Hilda’s ride to Hell) Exploitation films have this wonderful retro look now that we’re all PC’d-past and grown our brains to incorporate awareness. In […]