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February 23

VA – Fukushima! Artists answer the call for beauty. (Music Review) Disc Two

This post is the second in a series of two looking at the double disc. For the first part of the review, please go here.  This double disc collection is inspired by a lecture given by Otomo Yoshihide.  The lecture can be found here and is well worth the reading. Disc two is composed of […]

February 12

VA – Fukushima! Artists answer the call for beauty. (Music Review) Disc One

In Otomo Yoshihide’s beautiful lecture (you can read it here) entitled The Role of Culture: After the Earthquake and man made disasters in Fukushima, he makes a compelling case for the positive role of culture in combating human fear and limiting belief when combating the challenges of the day. This beautiful double disc set is […]

November 13

Omni – Hideki, Akiyama and Nakamura move away from the conventional aspects of time. (music review)

Omni is a Latin prefix meaning “all” or “every.” Omni the album is two tracks, one coming in at 40:10 and one coming in at 05:02 minutes long. The trio of musicians are Japanese, Kato Hideki, Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura. Hideki plays electric bass with prime number tuning, bass synthesizer.  Akiyama plays prepared electric […]