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SFF: Barbara – Christian Petzold asks do I go or do I stay.

Barbara is a 2012 German film directed by Christian Petzold. The film competed in competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012, where Petzold won the Silver Bear for Best Director. It heralds another partnership between Christian Petzold and Nina Hoss. Her close collaboration with the director has been extremely successful: she won the 2003 Adolf Grimme Award for her role in his […]

Radio Paradise – Mike Cooper In Beirut: Pynchon, Hawaiian shirts and The (deconstructed) Blues.

What a gem I was lucky enough to trade my finances for in the purchase of Mike Coopers Radio Paradise. This stunning disc with its deconstructed devotion to Pynchon, its heavily disguised blues covers and it’s demand for an intelligent listener is a diamond in the coal mine of 2012. Mike Cooper has been a blues […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 4. Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien. (pt One)

This is a follow on post from a previous one that you can read here. This chapter in the book is large, so I have divided it up into two separate posts. It is important to note, that this is not my own work. This is merely a condensing and simplifying of  How to Read Lacan […]

Farewell Adrienne Rich – A valediction forbidding mourning

I tried to get a copy of A valediction Forbidding Mourning for us today, to whisper quietly together about the passing of the sublime and beautiful Adrienne Rich. Copywrite laws forbid it, but I found something better.  A young woman reading it for us.  Take a look:     Isn’t that lovely? Adrienne Rich’s ‘A […]

FFF: And if we all lived together – A very enjoyable senior moment.

According to the ‘Innovative housing solutions for older Australians” paper brought out by the Australian Government recently, the baby boomers can be expected to transform aging in exactly the same way they have changed every other aspect of life they lived through. Among other things, the paper had the following quote: People are living longer and with […]

White Teeth: The brilliance of Zadie Smith

Early in the morning, late in the century, Cricklewood Broadway.  At 06.27 hours on 1 january 1975, Alfred Archibald Jones was dressed in corduroy and sat in a fume-filled Cavalier Musketeer Estate face down on the steering wheel, hoping the judgement would not be too heavy upon him. He lay forward in a prostrate cross, […]