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February 12

Stephen Kelman chats with Lisa Thatcher (Interview)

I was extremely lucky to have a chance to ask Stephen Kelman some questions about this wonderful book and also about the remarkable achievement of having a first book short listed for such a prestigious prize. Stephen is a wonderful man, and it was a huge pleasure to have a brief chat with him. Check it out: Lisa:  Pigeon […]

February 12

Pigeon English – Stephen Kelman and the death of children by bullying. (Book Review)

Stephen Kelman’s book Pigeon English is one of those rags to riches fairy stories that new writers dream about. Found in a slush pile, Pigeon English was declared to be so good it resulted in a bidding war that saw Kelman awarded a “six-figure sum” for the publishing rights. Once published, it was short listed for the 2011 Man […]