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January 01

The Human War – Noah Cicero and the distance of war over there. (book review)

“I’ve been walking the world alone.” “I walk the world alone too, but I like it that way.” In his justifiably glowing review of The Human War on The Guradians book blog, Lee Rourke wondered how The Human War would hold up eight years after its publication in 2003.  Rourke writes his own review in 2007, but still questions […]

The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died – Ildiko Susany explores what’s left when nothings left.(Sydney Fringe Festival)

Can you hear that silence?  It frightens me.  I can hear the death of the stars. And so opens the enormously ambitious first work by play write Ildiko Susany, an extremely talented young woman from Brisbane in Sydney with her play for the Sydney Fringe Festival. It is on at the charming and cozy King Street […]

Announcing changes to the Lisa Thatcher Blog

Good morning my lovely readers. This is a post to let you know there will be some changes to the blog from today forward. I want to thank everyone for your encouraging readership. In terms of daily hit statistics and people signing up, the blog has been a great success in my little world.  Many […]

Announcing: The Lisa Thatcher Newsletter

A warm and very friendly greeting to all the lovely folk that pop in and read this blog. I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your visits. I feel very encouraged by the strength of your response.  The blog has now hit the “regular” 100,000 visits a month club […]

Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism – Slavoj Žižek and a passion for Hegel

Well – its FINALLY here.  I’ve ordered my copy.  I’ll be sure to write about it here when (if – no no WHEN) I get through enough of it to be able to establish a decent opinion. Certainly the above trailer is a big tease, and I have a snazzy little excerpt below taken directly […]

Sam Pettigrew – Domestic Smear: Bass as Theatre

The claim made by Sam Pettigrews beautiful disc Domestic Smear is that the bass acts as theatre in order to have us question the very triggers inside us that provide the already always aspect of who we are and how we listen.  Here is the central premise and the primary claim of Domestic Smear: “Domestic […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 4. Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien. (pt One)

This is a follow on post from a previous one that you can read here. This chapter in the book is large, so I have divided it up into two separate posts. It is important to note, that this is not my own work. This is merely a condensing and simplifying of  How to Read Lacan […]

Sonore – Oto: Every assertion automatically becomes its opposite.

01 Fragments For An Endgame Sonore is Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson;  seasoned players who each have credits listed to their names. They come together as Sonore which is its own unanimous committment to their music as a process. These are players each intimately engaged with their instruments, allowing their engaging to be a perpetual lesson in […]

The Sound of speaking Samuel Beckett – Happy Birthday

Rule Number One Take note one from pocket one and suck it! (take a listen to the above link) Beckett and love Beckett never reduces love to the amalgam of sentimentality and sexuality endorsed by common opinion. Love as a matter of truth (and not of opinion) depends upon a pure event:  an encounter whose […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 3. From Che vuoi? To Fantasy: Lacan with eyes wide shut.

This is a follow on post from a previous one that you can read here. It is important to note, that this is not my own work. This is merely a condensing and simplifying of  How to Read Lacan by Slavoj Zizek (Author), Simon Critchley (Series Editor) that can be purchased here. And why the Other with a capital O? For […]