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February 03

R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It seems inappropriate to watch, think about, or speak of films and film making on the day Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of a drug overdose. Grief can appear at it’s cheapest when wrapped in the tinny platitudes of an irrational outpouring for a person never known, never met and no more special than the hundreds of […]

March 16

Performance (A Late Quartet) – Yaron Zilberman’s astonishing debut. (film review)

It is so interesting that I saw The Paperboy a week or so ago, and I put the writing problems of that film down to inexperience.  Then I go to see Performance (titled A Late Quartet in the States) and it is easily one of the best films of 2012, coming from a first time […]

December 06

Magnolia – Falling frogs and coincidence, Paul Thomas Anderson Style. (Film Review)

After being so impressed with Paul Thoms Anderson’s film The Master, I decided to plonk myself down in front of his previous works. I already reviewed Punch Drunk Love, which I enjoyed a great deal.  The next film for me in the list was Magnolia. Magnolia is a complex film packed with symbolism and imagery that for a freudian […]

November 12

“The Master” review – Paul Thomas Anderson and the Death-Drive

One of the best ways to avert a certain kind of controversy is by allowing another kind to take its place. In other words, when you are going to write a controversial book, film or piece of music, if you want to avoid the controversy, overlap it with another controversy that will divert critics and […]