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March 17

Heaven Help Us – Keith Bosler offers up a guilty little pleasure. (Theatre review)

Heaven Help Us Gherkin Global Bordello Theatre – Grab Tickets here. Keith Bosler, playwright, performer and all round funny guy, takes advantage of a thematically familiar plot to playfully wise-crack in Heaven Help Us, which at its heart is nothing more than a fun night at the theatre unapologetically staged in a time when artsy […]

March 07

Waiting for Godot – Riverside Lyric Ensemble take on life’s great challenges. (Theatre Review)

Waiting for Godot Riverside Lyric Ensemble Tickets available here. Photo Credits to Petros Ktenas It is a brave company that takes on Samuel Beckett’s theatre changing play, directing, performing and producing Waiting for Godot is one of theatre’s greatest challenges for many reasons, one of which is the nuances that exist despite their remarkable ability […]

March 16

Performance (A Late Quartet) – Yaron Zilberman’s astonishing debut. (film review)

It is so interesting that I saw The Paperboy a week or so ago, and I put the writing problems of that film down to inexperience.  Then I go to see Performance (titled A Late Quartet in the States) and it is easily one of the best films of 2012, coming from a first time […]