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January 12

The NOW now 2014 – Group Show launch (Festival Review)

If 2013 told us anything about experimental music, it is that it is getting more and more difficult to pin modalities and ‘completed’ product down, according to fashion, region or technology. If 2013 saw the rise of text as a movement that is simultaneously a step closer and further away from the sound, it also […]

May 13

Henry Magazine – The first edition now published.

I am pleased to announce the first edition of Henry Magazine, the magazine devoted to the exploration of art by artists, is now published.  Henry is the brainchild of writers Seb Doubinsky and my good self, both proud writers, philosophers and reviewers and in Seb’s case poet and teacher. We wanted a magazine that explored […]

November 13

Try I Bark – Patrick Farmer and the delicate brush against the surface of all things.(Book Review)

“This book is written to be read out loud and outside” Patrick Farmer I had not planned in not planning   to meet anything other than myself- I write so I can be silent though silence begs to be heard Beauty exists. Just as beauty exists in the depths, the fissures, the unplummetable and the unfathomable, […]

Like Falling out of Trees into Collectors Albums – Patrick Farmer and the field.

“With no small case of uncertainty or elation, in equal measures all pertaining to all that they pertain, I attached microphones to the bamboo, recorded, stepped backwards, a number of everything’s occurring, in apparent nothings. The opening recording, a peculiarity of sole spontaneity. Though how far spontaneity stretches when recording equipment is ensconced in the […]

Droplets – Dominic Lash moving sound around

The liner notes in Droplets, conceived by Dominic Lash tells us of a group formed by Lash specifically to focus on performance of works by the Wandelweiser collective. This floating group of musicians will be known as The Set Ensemble, and relate primarily through a shared interest in the work of Alain Badiou who deployes mathematical set […]

The Cat from Cat Hill – Loris. Music that meanders through my subterranean caverns.

Deep inside my capacity for music listening is a vast potential for horizonal expansion with the texture of cyber-like plasticity. Separate from the music that now inhabits it, or rather tries to inhabit, is the space for music. Long before the music presented itself, something inside me – god, evolution or an expanding to nowhere […]

Patrick Farmer and Dominic Lash – Bestiaries

I have been so fortunate to hear so many beautiful pieces of music in the past couple of weeks.  I am still reeling from my “Necks Exposure” and there have been many beautiful soundtracks I have added to my collection.  One that I have had for a few weeks now, is the beautiful Bestiaries by Patrick farmer and Dominique […]

David Dunn | Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes – Bees and Ducks and Sound

I can’t give you sound bites to these two amazing (amazing amazing amazing) pieces of music but the downloads are very cheap and well worth the investment. The Compost and Height Split Series are a group of recordings coupled in with another recording. Compost and height carry a lot of interesting sound music. This series […]

Bear Ground – The sound of objects / the object of sound.

I’ve had the most glorious day today with this CD caressing my ears. My assumption on this blog is that I speak mostly to those who don’t know much about this sort of music, but a fast analysis of my stats on the weekend revealed that (sigh) my experimental music posts are not very popular […]

Eric La Casa and Tarab – Sounds of magnified beauty.

I’m very fortunate to have made a great friend in Patrick Farmer over the last week. What is fast turning into a  creative conversation, started from an introduction to the wonderful Compost and Height Split Series. The series is completely sold out now, but the downloads are still available cheaply, and I am indulging in each of them this […]