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December 09

The Taming of The Shrew – What do we do with Shakespeare now that he’s so tamed? (Theatre review)

The Taming of the Shrew Montague Basement and PACT theatre 29 November – 10 December at PACT theatre You can grab your tickets here. Image credits:  Zaina Ahmed At the time of Shakespeare, nearly all the marriages were two stage processes. First a binding domestic contract of obligation within the families and secondly a religious […]

May 23

Shivered – Claudia Barrie and the industrial shrug (Theatre review)

Shivered Mad March Hare Theatre Company You can Grab tickets here Theatre isn’t real, at least it isn’t as real as real life is real. One of my favourite things about theatre (besides the unsettling intimacy which overwhelms in deliciously small spaces) is the transgressive act of performance. Real people pretending, without shame, in front […]

April 27

Antigone – Timelessness in our time. (Theatre Review)

Antigone Théâtre Excentrique PACT theatre from 23 April to 2 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Emma Lois Just when I was starting to despair that I was seeing too few truly exciting theatrical productions in Sydney in 2015, along comes Théâtre Excentrique’s interpretation of Antigone (pronounced ‘on-tee-gone’ when the Anouilh version is […]

February 26

Freshly Squeezed – Collaborative theatre that examines collaboration. (Theatre review)

Freshly Squeezed PACT Gallery – find out more here. Unfortunately I’ve had a very busy February, and where I intended to write-up Freshly Squeezed the night I attended, I missed out and therefore this marvellous show that only ran for two nights, is now gone from the PACT theatre and I will just have to […]

February 20

Unsex Me – Mark Wilson and the wars within. (Theatre Review)

Unsex Me Mark Wilson and PACT theatre, February 19-22 Buy tickets here. When Foucault argues that the history of sexuality has not been one of a linear narrative in getting closer to the proposed mystery, but rather a complex cycle of entanglement perpetually distorted by politics, science and the church, the modern thinker is given yet […]

September 09

Sydney Fringe Interview with Chris Dunstan of The Defence.

One of the highlights of my Fringe experience this year has been The Defence, a very interesting and well executed play examining gender relations within the rehearsal spaces of contemporary theatre. This expansive theme is couched within the narrations of one August Strindberg, a play write and novelist who has the peculiar reputation for writing […]

September 07

The Defence – Chris Dunstan and August Strindberg in a battle of wits. (Sydney Fringe Theatre Review)

She is the victim of a false belief…namely that woman – this stunted form of human being compared to man, the lord of creation, the creator of civilization – is equal to man or might become so. Embracing this absurd ambition leads to her downfall. Absurd because a stunted form, governed by the laws of […]