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November 02

Wyrd: The Season of the Witch – Ninefold change Macbeth forever. (Theatre Review)

Wyrd: The season of the Witch PACT theatre for Emerging artists and Ninefold Theatre Company You can find out more about this production here. Images: Liam O’Keefe It can be argued, since all theatre is a kind of parody of life no matter how verisimilar it may be, the most honest theatre might be that […]

September 20

Cleansed – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Cleansed Montague Basement at PACT Theatre 19-23 September. You can grab your tickets here.¬† Images: Clare Hawley If Sarah Kane is resisting analysis in Cleansed (as in all her plays) then we must ask, to what end? Strapped to the confining bed of the university and the clinic, Cleansed appears to be a Foucaultian commentary […]

May 04

Edward Gants Amazing Feats Of Lonliness – The audience has lost its way. (Theatre review)

Edward Gants Amazing Feats of Loneliness PACT theatre, Polyamorous Productions 4 May to Saturday 7 May. You can grab your ticket here. Photo credits: Liam O’Keefe When Anthony Neilson has Edward Gant (Will Hickey) forge his final tragic lament, it is impossible to miss that his soulful loneliness is the loneliness of theatre itself. He […]

November 17

Trojans – Team MESS and the allergy to content. (Theatre Review)

Trojans Team MESS. 14-15 and 20-22 November PACT centre for emerging artists. You can grab your tickets here Photo credits – Katy Green Loughrey. Theatre takes time. It takes time to write a script, to choose a script, to audition and choose performers, to schedule production, to learn lines etc. For an art form that […]

October 20

Him – Coleman Grehan’s Barney-esque Butoh at PACT. (Theatre Review)

Him PACT Centre for Emerging Artists Sydney Fringe Festival During the recent Sydney Fringe Festival, I was able to catch a remarkable show titled “Him” at the PACT theatre. Him is a forty minute (or so) Butoh inspired theatre dance piece devised and performed by Coleman Grehan. Grehan is a talented young musician and theatre […]

February 20

Unsex Me – Mark Wilson and the wars within. (Theatre Review)

Unsex Me Mark Wilson and PACT theatre, February 19-22 Buy tickets here. When Foucault argues that the history of sexuality has not been one of a linear narrative in getting closer to the proposed mystery, but rather a complex cycle of entanglement perpetually¬†distorted by politics, science and the church, the modern thinker is given yet […]

February 14

A Boy and a Bean – Nick Atkins addresses the questions you didn’t know you were asking. (Theatre Review)

A Boy and a Bean PACT Centre for Emerging Artists Feb 12 – 15. A Boy and a Bean tickets for sale here. I as talking to a very bright, warm-hearted person in the last twelve months (politically pro same-sex marriage) about the talents of Heath Leger and the sadness of his death. I expressed […]