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March 03

Gloria – Sebastián Lelio spotlights the invisible woman. (Film Review)

One of the most, if not the most interesting place for cinema post 2010 is Chile. Its no accident that two breakout Chilean films wowed audiences in Cannes and Berlin in 2013 when nothing from Chile had been shown in Berlin since the 90’s. Young directors like  Sebastián Lelio (Gloria) and Pablo Larrain (No) have drawn […]

April 25

No – Pablo Larraín and the question of selling out. (film review)

No is a clever film intended to broaden the discourse on the nature of politics, political advertising and the power of film. Rather than preach, No turns the camera on the audience, involving the viewer in an experience of the very issues called into question. It is not a documentary on The 1988 Pinochet plebiscite.  It is a […]