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February 25

A Most Violent Year – First you get the money, then you get the power, then you have a film. (Film Review)

J.C. Chandor excels at pinpointing and extending the single crucial moment that makes or breaks a psyche into powerhouse suspense film that evolves into very contemporary morality tales revolving around a chicken coming home to roost, rather than chance or the turn of a fateful card. IHowever, in each of his three films, there remains the crucial […]

February 01

Inside Llewyn Davis – A Coen story perfectly told. (Film Review)

When one is determined to say nothing about the Academy Awards, until subsequent years of course, it is a promise of a sacred type born of a determination in this particularl film commentator/reviewer, to not further saturate an already bloated marketplace with my completely useless predictions or opinions about what the primary awards  white Anglo […]

Drive: A boys film the girls will love.

Ok! So I saw drive this weekend. I went with my guy, which I think makes for a better movie experience in this case because this is a celebration of some great ‘blokey’ flicks and it’s kinda nice to do the viewing with a man you have that soft spot for. After all, Nicholas Winding Refn […]