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September 23

The Night Alive – A dying man and a world passed by. (Theatre Review)

The Night Alive O’Punksky’s Theatre in association with Red Line Productions. 13 September – 14 October You can grab your tickets here.  Please note: This review contains spoilers. Conor McPherson is right to lament the death of white male domination, because no matter what the keyboard warrior trolls and their president might have you believe, […]

April 18

The Gigli Concert – The power and problem of words. (Theatre review)

The Gigli Concert Darlinghurst Theatre Company 9 April – 4 May Eternity Playhouse – Tickets here. Photos by Wendy McDougall If waiting to act is the purpose in life for Vladimir and Estragon who observe the world as outsiders waiting for the perfect moment to delve right in, then the act itself is the temporal […]