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August 04

4:48 Psychosis – Lisa chats with Anthony Skuse (Theatre Interview)

4:48 Psychosis is at The Old Fitz from 16 August to 9 September. You can grab your tickets here.  The Sydney theatre community is maturing into a distinctive vehicle for theatre written about, for and engaged with the female voice. It’s a thrilling time for a witness such as myself. A time filled with inspiration, […]

January 25

Tender Napalm – Love and pain at first sight. (Theatre Review)

Tender Napalm Brevity Theatre Company and Red Line Productions Late show at The Old Fitz Theatre 19-30 Jan 2016 – You can grab your tickets here.  Contained in the breathy moments of initial desire is the heady inevitability of steady decline, claims Phillip Ridley in his two-hander Tender Napalm. And yet Tender Napalm is no […]

June 18

Misterman – Kate Gaul electrifies the Old Fitz Theatre. (Theatre Review)

Misterman Old Fitz Theatre 10 to 27 June. You can grab your tickets here. Something seismic happens when Kate Gaul embraces Enda Walsh. She serves up what we go to Indie Theatre for (reverent capitals intended). There is a theatrical simpatico on display that can energise a room with that skillfully woven enticement to unconditional […]

May 18

The house of Ramon Iglesia – Subtle, poignant beauty at the old Fitz. (Theatre review)

The House of Ramon Iglesia Mophead Productions at The old Fitz Theatre 12 May to 6 June You can grab your tickets here. The House of Ramon Iglesia has many poignant moments, but particularly affecting is a scene when, drunk and devastated at a swindle because of his own ignorance, Ramon falls in the streets on […]

March 16

Freak Winds – Marshall Napier’s homage to Australian gothic. (Theatre Review)

Freak Winds Red Line Productions 10 March to 11 April Old Fitz Theatre – You can grab your tickets here.  Photo credits – Tim Levy  The Australian gothic has a rich, yet still under explored history in our countries artistic culture, usually recognisable in films from the 1970’s forward, and these days more likely to […]

January 26

Bad – Thinking theatre at its best. (Theatre Review)

  Bad The Old Fitz Theatre Late Show 14 – 31 January. You can buy your tickets here.  Photo Credits – Yael Stempler Most welcome at the Old Fitz is the late night offering Bad, written and performed by Kate Walder and Penny Greenhalagh, an all girl clown performance exploring the question of ‘Bad’ theatre through […]

November 25

Belle of the Cross – Poetry in the dust and dirt of the Kings Cross homeless. (Theatre review)

Belle of the Cross The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November. You can grab tickets here. “The Lorikeets look down on us”, says Belle. “But down here are the seagulls, the pigeons and the ibis…” the streets that Belle calls her home are not for the beautiful birds who live in the high city […]

November 25

The Les Robinson Stroy – The bohemian life on Sydney’s shores. (Theatre review)

The Les Robinson Story The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November 2014 You can grab tickets here. There’s no getting around it, we need our Bohemians. The bourgeoisie need them to feed their bereft imaginations, bankers and financiers need them to hate, the tourists need them to visit, politicians need them to ignore, the […]

October 28

Lisa Chat’s with Alex Broun, writer of November Spawned a Monster. (Theatre Interview)

November Spawned a Monster Old Fitzroy Theatre 28 October through to 15 November – You can grab your tickets here Mickey’s is an iconic Sydney institution these days, the kind of address you can invite someone to by saying “lets meet at that red cafe on Oxford Street!” It’s been there forever, and for a […]

October 22

Howie The Rookie – Toby Schmitz makes a silk purse from a sow’s ear. (Theatre Review)

Howie The Rookie Red Line Productions and Strange Duck Productions Old Fitzroy Theatre 30 September to 25 October. You can buy your tickets here. In his book ‘Theatre,’ David Mamet, unsurprisingly argues the case against the engaged theatre director, claiming that the biggest contribution they could possibly make is to get out of the way […]