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August 03

Blonde Poison – Stream of Consciousness and acting on behalf of the Government. (Theatre Review)

Blonde Poison Adam Liberman in association with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 28 July to 15 August 2015 You can grab your tickets here. Blonde Poison is an interesting play to be showing to Sydney audiences in 2015. While it is most certainly a holocaust story, it is more importantly the story of an […]

July 14

The Ishmael Club – Arts funding and the question of excellence. (Theatre Review)

The Ishmael Club The Old Fitz theatre from July 7 to 18 You can grab your tickets here Can I just say first up, how wonderfully appealing it was to see an Australian play that had an equal number of female performers to males? I get tired of bleating on about it as I write […]

July 07

Men – Brendan Cowell and the problems of a man’s man. (Theatre Review)

Men Old Fitz Theatre 30 June to 25 July You can grab your tickets here. Men is by far the stand out production in the successful first year of the new management at The Old Fitz theatre. A play that made its debut treading the same boards fifteen years ago, time has been good to […]

June 20

Being Norwegian – Brevity salutes those of questionable origins. (Theatre Review)

Being Norwegian Brevity theatre Company at The Old Fitz theatre 9-21 June. You can grab your tickets here.  David Greig has made a name for himself by being a prolific theatre writer from whom the themes of (anti)nationality, displacement and globalisation have emerged almost by accident. He has become a purveyor of modern themes as […]