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July 07

Henna Night – Female solidarity defines old rituals. (Theatre Review)

Henna Night Mercury with Red Line Productions. Old Fitz Theatre from 5 – 9 July. You can grab your tickets here. In Turkey, the traditional Henna night wedding ritual celebrated one woman renouncing her family and formally committing to becoming the conduit for the new generation of her betrothed. It was a night of women, […]

July 04

Low Level Panic – Lisa chats with Justin Martin (Theatre interview)

Low Level Panic at The Old Fitz Theatre is one of the most anticipated indie theatre events of 2016. Its presented by Thread Entertainment and Red Line Productions and directed by Justin Martin. Here’s the blurb from the Old Fitz website: Here is a careful examination of the role of pornography in our society and […]

June 28

Bicycle – Freedom to choose your suffering. (Theatre review)

Bicycle Lies, Lies and Propoganda Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Late stage, Old Fitz Theatre June 21 – July 2 You can grab your tickets here Photo by Matt Ralph. Set (from Inner Voices) by Anna Gardiner. At the end of the great novel “The Piano Teacher” by Elfrie Jelinek immortalised in a film […]

April 23

Orphans – Should I stay or should I go. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Old Fitz Theatre, Late Show 19-30 April. You can grab your tickets here. When Liam (Liam Nunan) bursts in on Helen (Jacki Mison) and Danny (Christopher Morris) having their quiet celebratory dinner to welcome the news of Helen’s pregnancy, he causes a confrontation, not with our own cultural values and the imminent threat of […]

February 16

The Whale – the consumers guide to self destruction. (Theatre Review)

The Whale  Old Fitz Theatre 2 Feb through to 4 March You can grab your tickets here. In a culture obsessed with the rights of the individual at all costs at a micro level and determined to reduce everyone to a statistic that serves the economy at the macro level, it seems one of the […]

November 04

A Girl with the Sun in her Eyes – Shards of the masculine pieced together. (Theatre Review)

A Girl with the Sun in her Eyes Old Fitz Theatre 27 October to 14 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images Vanessa Wright A Girl with the Sun in her Eyes is contemporary theatre that plays out, if not examines, the failures of traditional masculinity in a contemporary context. It’s narrative centres on […]

October 26

Dead Centre/ Sea Wall – Emotional engagement at The Old Fitz. (Theatre Review)

Dead Centre/Sea Wall Red Stich Actors Theatre and Red Line Productions You can grab your tickets here Image credits Jodie Hutchinson First things first – it was wonderful to see such a rich, successful female performance at The Old Fitz. It’s great to see such a thing anywhere, but Red Line Productions were in dire […]

September 28

A Steady Rain – A nightmarish confrontation with our double. (Theatre Review)

The below is more of a critical analysis of A Steady Rain than a review. It is probably best appreciated after you have seen the play. For me the play contained strong elements of psychoanalysis and its a bad habit of mine to want to indulge whenever I’m provoked. I was moved by this play, […]

August 12

Flame Peas – The glamerous road to the Aussie Leagues Club exposed. (Theatre Review)

Flame Peas Old Fitz Theatre, late show season, 4-15 August. You can grab your tickets here. Photo Credits:  Dominic Lorrimer Right from the start, the late night shows at The Old Fitz theatre have been a great idea, and one of the gems in the Red Line Productions programming that keeps the space “real” and […]

August 03

Blonde Poison – Stream of Consciousness and acting on behalf of the Government. (Theatre Review)

Blonde Poison Adam Liberman in association with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 28 July to 15 August 2015 You can grab your tickets here. Blonde Poison is an interesting play to be showing to Sydney audiences in 2015. While it is most certainly a holocaust story, it is more importantly the story of an […]