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February 27

Angels in America – Dino Dimitriades and the magnificent decay of American splendid. (Theatre Review)

Angels in America Red Line Productions and Apocalypse Theatre Company February 15 – March 16 You can grab your tickets here. Images, Hero and Production:  Robert Catto (@robertcatto on Instagram & Twitter, @robertcattophotographer on Facebook.) Images documentary: Clare Hawley “A Klee painting named Angelus Novus shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away […]

July 09

Permission to Spin – Jung and the battle for individuation. (Theatre Review)

Permission to Spin The Old Fitz Theatre, 3 July – 28 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto In the Jungian Permission to Spin, Mary Rachael Brown places archetypes of an Ego, Personal unconsciousness and Collective unconsciousness, the three components of Jung’s psyche, in a room to have them battle for the […]

March 16

The Wolves – Lisa chats with Jessica Arthur (Theatre Interview)

    The Wolves is currently showing at The Old Fitz theatre in Darlinghurst. You can grab your tickets here. The photograph of Brandi Chastain celebrating her penalty conversion in 1999 that sealed the Women’s World Cup for the United States over China was voted the second most iconic cover image of Sports Illustrated. Not […]

February 12

Metamorphosis – The sensual drama of the Epic. (Theatre Review)

Metamorphosis Red Line Productions and Apocalypse Theatre Company 8 February to 10 March You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robet Catto In Dino Dimitriades interpretation of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphosis, we see incarnate Ovid’s strategies of keeping the witness (in his case The Reader, in the case of Zimmerman and Dimitriades The Audience) at once […]

September 23

The Night Alive – A dying man and a world passed by. (Theatre Review)

The Night Alive O’Punksky’s Theatre in association with Red Line Productions. 13 September – 14 October You can grab your tickets here.  Please note: This review contains spoilers. Conor McPherson is right to lament the death of white male domination, because no matter what the keyboard warrior trolls and their president might have you believe, […]

April 29

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo – Theatre in layers over time. (Theatre Review)

Bengal Tiger At the Baghdad Zoo Mad March Hare Theatre Company and Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre 2 April to 6 May You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Kate Williams Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo occurs in various shades of night, for the war in which this play is set […]

September 17

4 Minutes 12 Seconds – The theatrics of machismo. (Theatre Review)

4 minutes 12 seconds Outhouse Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre, 13 Sep – 8 Oct. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Rupert Reid. Rape culture isn’t a female problem, it isn’t a male problem, it’s a societal problem. Perpetuated by mythologies that always come back to male virility there is […]

July 23

Low Level Panic – Women under oppression from the male gaze. (Theatre Review)

Low Level Panic Thread Entertainment in association with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre from 12 July to 12 August. You can grab your tickets here Images: Julia Robertson When I’m confronted with a friend who despises political correctness, my first move is to agree wholeheartedly! I claim that the worst form of political correctness […]

July 11

Low Level Panic – Lisa chats with Geraldine Hakewill (Theatre interview)

Low Level Panic at The Old Fitz Theatre is one of the most anticipated indie theatre events of 2016. Its presented by Thread Entertainment and Red Line Productions and directed by Justin Martin. Here’s the blurb from the Old Fitz website: Here is a careful examination of the role of pornography in our society and […]

July 07

Henna Night – Female solidarity defines old rituals. (Theatre Review)

Henna Night Mercury with Red Line Productions. Old Fitz Theatre from 5 – 9 July. You can grab your tickets here. In Turkey, the traditional Henna night wedding ritual celebrated one woman renouncing her family and formally committing to becoming the conduit for the new generation of her betrothed. It was a night of women, […]