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August 11

Bad Day Insurance – Lisa Chappell and our hopes for a better future. (Theatre Review)

Bad Day Insurance The Old 505 Theatre August 6 – 24. You can grab your tickets here. What is the ultimate Bad Day Insurance? That is, what can you control, that can be relied upon to repair the damage caused by a bad day? Is that what insurance is? A stop-gap between you and trouble? […]

September 19

Fred and Ginger – Marquez Laundry Theatre Company and the soaring of the human spirit. (Sydney Fringe F Theatre Review)

As often happens, true genius is way ahead of its time.  When that genius applies to art, the artist becomes a kind of prophet in the wilderness, a fortune teller if you like, who can see with great clarity what it takes the rest of the world years to come to. Diane Arbus is emerging […]

May 14

A Butcher of Distinction – James Dalton directs Rob Hayes’ question of violence ‘out there’ or ‘in here’. (Theatre Review)

From the opening sentence in A Butcher of Distinction, instantly recognizable is the costumes worn by Liam Nunan and Heath Ivey-Law in their roles as Hugo and Hartley.  The boys wear all white-preppy-private-school-sports-day type clothing that instantly evoke Peter and Paul of Funny Games who themselves carried the specter of Alex of A Clockwork Orange […]