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February 20

BU121 – But, I believe this with certainty. (Theatre Review)

BU21 Outhouse theatre Company Old 505 Theatre, 8 Feb to 25 Feb You can grab your tickets here Images: Rupert Reid It was Wittgenstein who considered a mistake and certain evidence to be the same thing. It intrigued him that someone could make a mistake. His argument lay in the proposition that the statement “true or […]

April 20

The Best Brothers – Language as the vehicle for the unsayable. (Theatre Review)

The Best Brothers Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street 13 – 30 April 2016. You can grab your tickets here. It was Wittgenstein who gave us the idea that a seemingly rash run of gibberish may be philosophically illuminating. More than this, seeing language used in a context, and understanding that context matters, may lead […]

February 09

The Poor Kitchen – Nostalgia and the power of observational blindness. (Theatre Review)

The Poor Kitchen Old 505 Theatre, now at 5 Eliza Newtown, 2-6 February At the time of publishing this review, the run is complete. For more info and possibly other performances, pop in here. It is the sluggish habit of most countries to use nostalgia to evoke a naivete that reduces our engagement with the present. […]

November 20

Dot Dot Dot – Fresh Sydney writing tells a tale that’s old and new. (Theatre review)

Dot dot dot The Old 505 Theatre in its new digs at 5 Eliza st Newtown Until 28 November. You can grab your tickets here. Pop culture may be venerated today, acknowledged by writers such as David Foster Wallace and given credence via cult status, but it is worth remembering the tabloid newspapers birth coincides […]

September 26

All the Difference – Sydney Fringe Festival (Theatre review)

All The Difference Old 505 Theatre at The Sydney Fringe Festival You can grab your tickets here According to Bertolt Brecht, the temptation to rationalise the contemporary human condition falls too easily into an association with the forces at odds with humanization. “Even those writers who are conscious of the fact that capitalism impoverishes, dehumanizes, […]

July 20

Edmond – David Mamet rescued by Glen Hamilton and Two Peas. (Theatre Review)

Edmond Old 505 Theatre from July 15 to July 26 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Lee Nutter Every fear hides a wish. Ok! In the interest of full disclosure, I need to confess to three things first up: 1. I loathe David Mamet, 2. I adore Two Peas, and three, I’ve had a […]

June 27

This is not Mills and Boon – 505 Theatre’s Fresh Works (Theatre Review)

This is Not Mills And Boon Old 505 Theatre 23-28 June You can grab your tickets here. Sometimes its difficult to know if we talk about sex all the time or not at all. After all, what is sex? It has been broken down and defined by science, psychology, psychoanalysis, art, pornography, politics, law, advertising, […]

June 23

Memory – 505 Theatres Fresh Works

Memory Old 505 Theatre / Fresh Works Fresh Works is currently on at The Old 505 theatre. You can grab tickets here. Interactive theatre is one of those little life experiences that can leave you with a sudden shortness of breath, grasping at your chest as your head screams “oh dear god – not me!” […]

March 03

Queen Bette – The great pleasure of the bumpy night. (Theatre Review)

Queen Bette The Old 505 Theatre, 25 February to 15 March You can grab your tickets here. “When I was most unhappy I lashed out rather than whined.” Given the profound difficulties all women have in Hollywood these days, it’s very hard to understand how Bette Davis secured the success, choices and freedoms she did […]

December 09

River – Claire Lovering and lonliness. (Theatre Review)

River Old 505 Theatre The difference between loneliness and solitude is more than choice, and it is more than circumstances. We know we can feel lonely in a crowd and we know that we can feel a overwhleming connection with everything in the universe in solitude. In her introduction to River, Claire Lovering writes a […]