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May 15

The Market is a Windup Toy – A life within the immancence of spending power. (Theatre Review)

The Market is a Windup Toy Bloomshed Theatre Company and The Old 505 Theatre 7-218 May. You can grab your tickets here. It took Dostoyevsky writing in 1864 to refer to Western civilization as a ‘Crystal Palace’ drawing attention to the 1851 structure he visited on one of his trips to London. The palace was […]

March 05

Seed Bomb – Lisa chat’s with Daniela Giorgi (Theatre Interview)

    I had a wonderful time researching Guerilla Gardening for my interview with writer Daniela Giorgi. The idea that revolution can be about beauty and transforming land made ugly by abandoned industry into something edible or aesthetically thrilling excited my inner rebel. I then found my reaction was typical. People respond well this subversive […]

July 21

Roomba Nation – Oh what value this illness? (Theatre Review)

Roomba Nation 505 Theatre from July 4 – 21. You can grab your tickets here. Images:  Stephen Reinhardt. “Hippocrates applied himself only to observation and despised all systems. It is only by following in his footsteps that medicine can be perfected.”[1] In Roomba Nation a peculiar and yet delightfully sinister distance establishes itself on behalf of […]

June 19

Air – Grieving births new fathers, new histories. (Theatre review)

  Air 13 – 30 June 2018, Old 505 Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images: Mansoor Noor For writer Joanna Erskine and through her director Anthony Skuse, Air is a departure as well as a homecoming. Through the vehicle of grief (another kind of birth process) an inverted Oedipus mythic melodrama unfolds around […]

February 26

Cage – Lisa chats with Jordan Shea (Theatre Interview)

Cage is part of the Freshworks program at The Old 505 Theatre for 2018. It is playing from 27 February to 3 March. You can grab your tickets here.  Images by Jasmin Simmons The last twelve months has seen criticism of young Western backpackers busking or selling wears on the streets in Asian countries in order […]

February 01

Blind Tasting – The beautiful errors of mankind. (Theatre Review)

Blind Tasting Subtlenuance Theatre Company The Old 505 Theatre, You can grab your tickets here. Recollection is the act of placing us before life and before experience as if we are standing before a painting slowly revealed, displaying an event in a certain way that is not exact but almost exactly the way we lived […]

January 17

Jack Data – Lisa chats with Ruth Bell. (Theatre Interview)

  Jack Data is playing at the 505 Theatre as part of their wonderful Fresh Works Program. You can grab your tickets here. I had a wonderful time constructing my questions for Ruth Bell. This renewed interest in fembots (and now mascbots) is a writers fantasy of sci fi meets 1960’s spy thrillers. This new […]

September 25

Russell – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Russell Sydney Fringe This show has completed its run at the fringe. You can find out more about it here.  There is a forgotten role for anxiety and nothingness in contemporary theatre, tapping more into the cognitive power of trauma rather than focusing on the psychological underpinnings of a key protagonist. In this way, theatre […]

April 14

Trade – What is money rather than what makes money. (Theatre review)

Trade Hurrah Hurrah Theatre Company at The old 505 Theatre April 4-15 2017. You can grab your tickets here. The difference of opinion in today’s political landscape is measured not by whether you are for or against capitalism, but by how you are for capitalism. It has long been my contention that liberals need to […]

March 24

A Period Piece – Menstruation and imagination. (Theatre Review)

A Period Piece Glitterbomb Productions Old 505 Theatre 14 – 25 March You can grab your tickets here.   The idea that truth is made rather than found is a little over two hundred years old and unsurprisingly began for the Western World in Europe. The French revolution showed that an entire vocabulary of social […]